Earthquake in Ecuador

collapsed hotel with textEcuador was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 16 and the damage was extensive.  Smaller quakes then hit the region, including a powerful 6.0-magnitude one on April 20.  Immediate aid is needed and building lives and infrastructure will go on for quite some time.

Manta 4

Manto Verbo Church meets outside while the building is repaired

Our BoL family members, Fabian and Clara Molina have involved the congregation they lead in relief efforts. You can participate through giving. Thank you for $1,935 that was received Sunday, April 24!  Bridge of Life will continue to collect donations to help with the crisis through Manta Verbo church in Ecuador.  100% of the offering will be used for the Manta church repairs and outreach to earthquake victims.  

Checks can be made out to Bridge of Life with “earthquake” in the notes field.  Or feel free to make a donation through our website  (scroll down to the bottom left of the home page) and note that it is for the earthquake.

Please also continue to pray for healing of broken bodies, buildings, and souls in Ecuador.  Your prayers are greatly needed.


Update from Ecuador April 21

before & after building with texthospital patients ecuador with textcoastal highway with textIn the midst of a grave financial crisis triggered by low oil prices, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador, as most of you have heard…. The quake struck on Saturday night, March 16, off the northern coast, flattening buildings and bridges, and buckling highways.

The death toll has reached over 500, with more than 4,000 injured. It is an opportune time for the church to fulfill its calling as an agent of succor and healing. Our prayer is that the Lord’s people will be used to bring the gospel message both in word and in deed to those in need.

Because of the widespread destruction to most of the Ecuadorean coastline, it has been slow for help to arrive. Most of the affected areas are in smaller, more remote areas.People are living on the streets as their homes have either been destroyed or damaged. The aftershocks continue, so even those with stable housing are afraid to be indoors. They are without water and electricity, telephone communication is intermittent. There are no stores open, so food is scarce. People are desperate. In their desperation, some looting and armed robberies of supply trucks are taking place. The country is in a state of emergency, so travel between the provinces, especially in the affected areas, is limited by the police and military.