Preaching Series

The Call of Christmas

call-of-christmasThrough  “The Call of Christmas” sermon series we look at the Christmas Story through the eyes of Zechariah, Mary and the Shepherds. Each message will focus on a theme related to this season, and a preparation for the new year ahead.

Part 1:  The Call to Prepare

Part 2:  The Call to be Available

Part 3:  The Call to Respond


For Our City

forourcity-logo_sqaure-croppedBridge of Life joined 23 other area congregations in speaking and praying for our community in the “For Our City” Sermon Series. The series speaks to issues relevant to bringing the kingdom of God to our region. The scriptural basis for the series comes from the book of Nehemiah.

Corresponding to each sermon is a Bible reading guide with scriptures to read that can be found HERE.  We invite you to read the scriptures and pray for the greater Hagerstown area as you journey through the series.  Though the series is complete, the work continues and the topics will remain relevant for years to come.

Part 1:  God is For Our City

Part 2:  Better Together

Part 3:  The Outcry

Part 4:  Transformed Thinking

Part 5:  Defeating Addiction with Glory

Part 6:  Live a Legacy