Preaching Series

Spiritual Foundations

Terry King shares his passion for the spiritual foundations of our faith – the church, the Bible, and the Gospel.

Part 1:  I Love the Church!

Part 2:  I Love this Book!

Part 3:  I Love the Gospel!

Part 4:  I Love the Gospel II!


Positioned for Influence

This series of messages by Pastors Terry King and Justin Perrow encourage us to walk in the glory of God and become people who naturally and spontaneously share our faith.



Part 1:  I’ll Still Speak When I’m Dead

Part 2:  Poised for Influence

Part 3:  Spontaneous Combustion

Part 4:  Is There Not a Cause?

Part 5:  Positioned for Glory


Mind Battles

Pastor Terry King shares how we can win the battles of our minds with the gifts God has given us.

Part 1:  God Wants You Sane!

Part 2:  Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Part 3:  A Way Out

Part 4:  Transformed Thinking

Part 5:  A People of Faith


Hope and Glory

This series of messages by Terry King and Justin Perrow focuses on what happens when we release the hope that is within us, the hope of glory that comes from Christ.



Just Perrow – Part 1:  Being a Living Hope

Terry King – Part 2:  Hope that Overflows

Terry King – Part 3:  Hope Looks Like Glory


Living in Babylon

This sermon series addresses the challenges of the perilous times we live in, and how we are to model the transforming power of the kingdom of God. 

Part 1:  Living in Babylon

Part 2:  For Such a Time as This

Part 3:  A Transforming Presence